Word Mix Solver

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Our word mix solver is designed to help you win every game with Word Mix Lite. This game is a timer based game, so you have to make sure you try and guess words as fast as you can. Unlike whirly word where you have no timer so there is plenty of time to solve words.

How Does Our Solver Work?

Our word mix solver works just like a scrabble word finder (anagram solver). You basically enter in all the letters into our solver and we will produce as many words as we can. We have tested our solver against many game plays and we have been able to solve every single one we played.

Screen Shots

How to Play Word Mix

Word Mix plays just like most word games. You are presented with some letters and you have to try and form as many words as you can with those letters. You have predetermined amount of words you need to make and how many letters those words contain. Even though there are many words you can use in the game, you can only use the ones the game allows. The goal is to try and fill in all the word slots with completed words you guess. You have 2 minutes to complete the level before you can move on. You only have to get a certain amount of points to go onto the next level, so you do not have to guess every single words. Just enough to get to the next level. Of course though if you want to finish each level, our word mix solver will do the trick.