Scrabble Cheat

Our scrabble cheat tool is much like our scrabble word finder, but a little more complex. You can enter any letters you have in your game into scrabble finder, but what makes it more sophisticated is the fact that you can enter in a prefix or suffix in addition to your letters. The anagram solver will automatically return words with a greater chance of building upon other words that already exist on the board.

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Game Solver, Word Builder & More

Above is our game solver where you can enter your words. Once you have filled out all or some of the fields you simply push Solve and it will automatically do the rest for you. Then you can simply choose the word that will be the best match for your turn. We also will give you point values and the word along with our dictionary so you can see and maximize your points. If all else fails you can always use our scrabble cheat tool to get you out of a pickle.