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Use our official online scrabble dictionary tool to confirm the words you are using are legal on your board when playing scrabble. Our scrabble dictionary lookup is a great helper when you have to search through the official words used in the National Scrabble Championships which are (TWL and SOWPODS).

Using an legal dictionary is important because you could be challenged if the other player feels that word is not legal. If you are caught with a word that does not exist then you are going to lose your turn as well as the points you would have received from that word.

Quick Definition of Valid Game Words Online

Our tool is really easy to use to check valid game words. If you get stuck be sure to check out our scrabble word finder which is like an anagram solver, but will show you words that are related to scrabble.

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Imbecility Deglazes Tosk Wantoning Judiciaries

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